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Thank you for clicking my site. On this page, I will briefly give you some information about myself and the projects I am working on. I have been working for radio stations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands since 1999. In 2011 I started working as an editor for Radio Köln, broadcasting in the Cologne region on the frequency 107,1 MHz. In 2018 I started broadcasting the breakfast show at RADIO 90,1 Mönchengladbach, Germany. Starting 2022, I’m now particularly with Radio NRW and Radio Essen.

I was born on October, 7th 1980 – at precisely 5:13pm. I was raised in Kaarst, which is situated about 10 kilometers from Düsseldorf. Even if I’m not on duty, I can’t do without radio, tv and the internet. I spend a lot of my leisure time online, gathering information on recent IT developments and trends. I enjoy betatesting software and I’m interested in video and audio software and radio automation programs in particular.
Another hobby is FM-DX: receiving fm stations that are not usually picked up with conventional radio sets. I’m also committed to satellite reception techniques.

(A detailed list of event and pr engagements can be found on the German job page.)


1987-1991: Elementary School in Kaarst-Vorst
1991-2001: Grammar school, Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium in Kaarst
2002: MA studies in English / German at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
2009: Attestation of the academy of journalism studies, Hamburg

If there is anything I can do for you, feel free to contact me. The easiest way is to call my mobile: +49 170 2286130
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