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Thank you for clicking my site. On this page, I will briefly give you some information about myself and the projects I am working on. I have been working for radio stations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands since 1999. In 2011 I started working as an editor for Radio Köln, broadcasting in the Cologne region on the frequency 107,1 MHz.

I was born on October, 7th 1980 – at precisely 5:13pm. I was raised in Kaarst, which is situated about 10 kilometers from Düsseldorf and 15 kilometers from Mönchengladbach JHQ.

Even if I’m not on duty, I cannot do without radio, tv and the internet. I spend a lot of my leisure time online, gathering information on recent IT developments and trends. I enjoy betatesting software and I’m interested in video and audio software and radio automation programs in particular.
Another hobby is FM-DX: receiving fm stations that are not usually picked up with conventional radio sets. I’m also committed to satellite reception techniques.

As a freelancer I have worked for the following stations and employers:
Radio Köln 107,1 – Radio NRW (Oberhausen) – NE-WS 89.4 (Neuss) – Antenne Düsseldorf – Welle Niederrhein (Krefeld) – Radio 90.1 (Mönchengladbach) – Radio Erft (Bergheim) – Radio Neandertal (Mettmann) – Radio Rur (Düren) – Radio WAF (Warendorf) – Radio RST (Steinfurt) – 107.8 Antenne AC (District of Aachen) – Radio SAW (Magdeburg) – Radio Brocken (Halle/Saale) – Saarländischer Rundfunk SR1 (Saarbrücken) – Südwestrundfunk SWR (Baden-Baden) – – RTL Television Köln – VOX (Sound on vision)
Stations that have ceased operation: Welle West (Heinsberg) – RSK 92.6 (Ostbelgien) – Aachen 100,eins (Aachen)

(A detailed list of event and pr engagements can be found on the German job page.)


1987-1991: Elementary School in Kaarst-Vorst
1991-2001: Grammar school, Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium in Kaarst
2002: MA studies in English / German at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
2009: Attestation of the academy of journalism studies, Hamburg

If there is anything I can do for you, feel free to contact me. The easiest way is to call my mobile: +49 170 1234 844
Of course you can also send an email: [contact-form-7 404 "Nicht gefunden"]

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